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testimonial“I began working with Shane in my sophomore year at high school, during which time I was struggling a great deal with test and general performance-related anxiety, time management skills, and study habits, making school a very difficult and discouraging experience for me—until I began working with Shane."

"In just our very first meeting, I felt incredibly comfortable not only with him but also with his approaches to explaining the reasoning behind each problem we did together. Shane was quick to adapt his teaching methods to what best suited my styles of thinking and learning—within our first few sessions, he seemed to be completely ‘on the same page’ regarding the most effective ways to present and subsequently test knowledge on an individual basis. There were many occasions over the two years we worked together on which I entered our session on the brink of hysteria due to dense literary analysis papers, college application essays, standardized test prep, and overwhelming research assignments—however, there was never a time that I was met with anything other than complete composure, encouragement, and support that went, quite frankly, above and beyond. Shane always put more than full effort into helping me succeed not only on the task at hand, but also on those in the future by providing explanations and advice during the process. Even outside of our tutoring sessions, Shane went out of his way to help me succeed in my academics—during the college application process, Shane spent time outside of work hours reviewing and suggesting edits to my application essays. I can say with complete confidence that Shane played a very significant role in my success throughout high school, and, without the skills he taught me and the unwavering support (even outside of tutoring sessions!), I likely would not be studying at Brown University.”

Chloe (student)
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