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testimonial"Shane Beatty has provided academic mentoring for all five of my children from elementary school through college and I can honestly say having him as an academic coach/mentor was the best decision we ever made for helping them achieve their academic and, ultimately, their career goals. These are just some of the reasons why:

  1. He works as a partner with the parents to ensure that the goals are being met.
  2. His relationship with the student is like none other I have witnessed and we had been through many others before finding Shane. Shane has an endearing personality that is so warm and receptive that the kids can't help but to enjoy being around him even if it involves working harder than they've ever worked before. You can ask any one of my kids and they will tell you Shane is one of the greatest guys they've ever known, not just because he helped them achieve the academic goals, but because of the manner in which he did it - with respect, confidence, humor, and a whole lot of snacks! He believes that every child is unique and has the ability to achieve great things. The kids believe in him because he believes in them. It's amazing to witness!
  3. Shane's work ethic is a standard bearer and it all stems from his understanding that when the student needs him, he is there. During high pressure times, like ACT/SAT or finals weeks or when college application deadlines are near, it is not uncommon to see Shane working with students from early morning until late into the night. I personally can attest that my kids have contacted him desperate for an hour of his time due to some crisis and he has ALWAYS been there for them.
  4. As a result of Shane's presence in our children's lives, our oldest daughter is on her way to law school, our middle sons are fast approaching college graduation and our twin daughters are on their way to high school beginning in honors classes.

In closing, you will not find anyone more competent or more dedicated to helping your child achieve his/her full potential than Shane. It will be an experience your children will thank you for, for many years to come!"

Sharon Rhoads (parent)
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Tuesday, 04 July 2017 00:00
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