He is very patient

testimonial"First thing, Shane was the absolute best at calming down those nerves I had!! I can remember countless times sitting in the waiting room freaking out about how I was going to get my work done or get a good grade on an exam/project. He is willing to sit down with you and go step by step through the process to ensure that you not only are getting the answers right, but that you understand the material. He is very patient and one of the most respectful persons I’ve ever been around."

"The biggest achievement I accomplished while working with Shane was getting a 29 on my ACT. Before working with Shane, I took the ACT and got a 24. My dream was to go to Florida State University and I knew a 24 wasn’t going to cut it. After working with him for several months, I was able to score a 29 on the test, which would have never been possible without his help. He also helped me with my application to get into FSU. He was more than willing to go over anything that needed to be doubled checked. He was great with helping me with my essay that I needed to write to get into the university. "

"His teaching strategies are like no one else. When it comes to the ACT, he teaches you how to take the actual test. There are so many little things that he teaches you that you would never know on your own. He teaches you how they structure the questions and the best way to go about finding answers. He has a million different practice tests that are EXTREMELY helpful. He is also great with teaching you how to manage your time while you are taking the test."

"One of the biggest things that I recognized when I first started working with Shane was how much he cared about each and every single student that came to work with him. Not only did he establish good relationships with his students, he also made sure the parents were kept up to date on what they were working on or what they were trying to accomplish in the near future."

"I can honestly say that I have no idea where I would be right now if it weren’t for Shane. He helped me get into the college of my dreams and I am forever thankful for his time and effort. He understood that this was a dream of mine and he did everything in his power to ensure that I was going to get an acceptance letter from FSU, and I did!"

Parker (student)
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